Although Kenya has made great progress, too many are still cooking with unsustainable fuels like charcoal.

Worldwide, over three billion people cook using dirty fuels like firewood and charcoal, the number one sources of cooking energy in Africa. It’s terrible for their health, our environment, and our climate.

And with 80% of global population growth this century  in Africa, the problems will only get worse. We need better options, fast.

In Kenya, reliance on firewood and charcoal has caused massive deforestation.

Every year, thousands of hectares are cut down
to turn it into charcoal.

What clean burning, affordable cooking fuel can be made locally, without competing with anything else?

Biomass pellets
from agricultural waste

Compare to charcoal:
98% cleaner.
70% less biomass.
50% cheaper.

How are all those people going to cook?

Charcoal is unsustainable. And LPG, while lower in emissions, is very expensive--and a fossil fuel. Kerosene is sooty and dangerous. Ethanol is clean but doesn't get as hot, and competes for use with high value hand sanitizer and alcohol. Electricity remains unreliable and requires expensive stoves and cookware.

Changing the way people cook is better in more ways than you might think. It's also one of the top ten ways to combat climate change.

So while using EcoMoto can save you time and money, it can also cut up to several tons of CO2 per household. And that's an outcome we can all live with.

We are using the newest Gold Standard criteria for calculating our offsets, to insure the most accurate record of our CO2 reductions.

More than just clean cooking.

We’re building a completely sustainable product, supply chain, and service.

We collect crop waste that would otherwise rot or burn, creating pollution.

It’s made into clean burning fuel in an all electric factory, running on clean energy.

We package it in locally made, sustainable packaging.

And soon we’ll have delivery to your door in electric delivery vehicles.

So you can feel good as good about how cook as you do about what's for dinner.

You can do your part to help our work.

Beginning next month, you can pre-purchase our Verified Carbon Offsets on, via our website.

Invest in some of the highest quality, most validated carbon credits available from any clean cooking solution.

Track your emissions reductions to the actual stove and customer generating them. That's impact you, and the planet, can bank on.

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