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You get free use of the cleanest, most efficient biomass cooker.

You use EcoMoto pellet fuel in the cooker, and save money from day one.

Only 55Ksh per kg, cooks all day! Plus fast and free delivery to your front door.

100% risk and hassle free. The cooker and fuel are guaranteed.

Get what you need, when you need it. Two sizes to last a week, or up to a month.

Locally made fuel, with the price on the bag, so you can always rely on us.


EcoSafi uses the Mimi Moto cooker, designed in the Netherlands.

The Mimi Moto was recently named the cleanest biomass cooker in the world by the WHO.

You get one or more of these cookers to use at no charge, so long as you buy the fuel from us to use in it.

And it's guaranteed--if there's ever an issue with your cooker, we fix it or replace it at no charge.


EcoMoto pellet briquette fuel is made in Kenya from 100% waste biomass, like sawdust from lumber mills, or agricultural crop waste.

Every bag is checked by hand for quality, to ensure you get the clean burning experience you expect.

Compare and Save!

  • 1kg 55/=
    compare to:

  • 100/=


  • 550/=
    compare to:

  • 890/=


  • 1625/=
    compare to:

  • 2600/=



We will always deliver the same quality, at the same price, and be available when and where you need us.

Our Reliability Commitment

Always the same quality, at the same price,
when and where you need us.

And we stand behind that
with this simple warranty:

We’re not happy unless you’re happy.

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